1. Keep your kit organised and secure with our great range of van racking

Our wide range of racking solutions from both Tevo and Xtra-Rax provide a wealth of possibilities for your van internal racking. The Tevo range is modular, and therefore highly versatile. The Tevo racks are constructed using ‘ultra-high strength steel’, meaning that these quality racks will never let you down. The material is four times stronger than mild steel, and is lightweight as well as extremely robust.

The Xtras-Rax range is design to combine smart-storage with great value for money. These racks are highly flexible, and with optional upgrades available you can find the perfect racking for your Ford Transit.

2. Make more of the ‘room on top’ with roof bars from Van-Guard and Rhino

Van-Guard and Rhino are the two leading suppliers of quality van roof bars in the UK.

Van-Guard’s Ulti Bar is manufactured in the UK using anodised aluminium, meaning that they are light, strong and will not corrode.  These great-looking bards are designed to deliver the ultimate combination of low wind resistance, noise and fuel efficiency, combined with strength and flexibility. With ULTI bars designed for every Ford Transit, you cannot go wrong.

Rhino provide two ranges of Ford Transit roof bas, the great value Delta bar range and the top-of the range Kamm Bars. Delta bars are aerodynamically shaped to reduce wind-noise and increase fuel efficiency, and are made from lightweight yet strong high-tensile alloyed steel. The Rhino Kamm Bars are a premium product, constructed from anodised aluminium to resist corrosion. Kammbars are made for strength, fuel efficiency and low noise levels.

Whether you prefer the Van-Guard or Rhino products, these great ranges mean that you need look no further for the roofbars for your Ford Transit.

3. For getting properly tooled up: Store by Van Guard

As a tradesman, your tools are you livelihood. Why invest in quality but skimp on protecting that investment? A heavy duty, purpose made tool store is the answer- and few come better than this excellent British made galvanised steel model from Van Guard.

4. For projects in the pipeline: 2m MAXI silver Pipe Carrier with rear opening by Van Guard

Do you regularly carry lengthy, potentially fragile cargo such as pipes? This is the best way to avoid costly slips. Van Guard pipe carriers feature aerodynamic caps, and an integrated locking mechanism. These large capacity, top quality pipetubes carry up to 60 15 pipes. They are the van accessory that every Ford Transit looks naked without!

5.For Plying your Trade in Style: Ply Lining Kit

Want to protect your van and improve customization options? A ply lining kit not only looks the part, but will also protect your investment and add to the resale value. With lining kits for every type of Ford Transit, these great quality ply lining kits are not to be missed.

6. For Getting on A Roll: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Roller Kit by Van Guard

Do you often carry large cumbersome objects on your van? Whether it’s lengths of wood or entire doors, getting your cargo onto a roof rack is often only half the problem; the real safety issue is getting the thing down again without a costly breakage or risk of injury. A Roller kit is a huge help in this scenario. And at our great prices it’s much cheaper than damaging your next crucial delivery!

7. For tradesmen going up in the World: Ladder Slide and Secure by Van Guard

An essential van accessory for many tradesmen who needs quick and safe access to their roof ladder. Slipping with a roof ladder can be a dangerous and costly mistake. Stow your ladder safely and securely with this sturdy, British-made Ladder Slide and Secure from Van Guard.

8. For beefing up security: Top half punched bulkhead

A bulkhead is an excellent idea for any driver who feels a little uneasy about leaving tools and valuable materials in their van. Beef up your security in uncompromising style!

9. For peace of mind: Cab Door Slamlock

If you’re the sort of driver who wants peace of mind on short stops- say that 5 minute trip to the garage when you leave the van for a bite to eat or to fill up- a Slam Lock. Is an excellent idea. These devices lock your door automatically every time you close behind you, to stop any tea leaves in the area getting ideas with your stuff!

10. For beating thieves: CATLOC

It is estimated that up to 80% of all metal theft in the UK is accounted for by catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters and exhaust systems. Vans are often an easy target due to the high ground clearance. Keep your Ford Transit in one piece with a CATLOC